Saturday, 14 November 2015

Say Hello to Winter Wearing Kigurumi PJs: (Green Lenses & Wig Review Included)

During winter; you love getting all cuddled up, falling asleep to watching your favorite movie whilst chewing your favorite nuts. Kigurmi PJs add comfort & warmth that ensure sound sleep. The adult one-piece pajamas are available in various designs. Kiguurmi Onesie Cat Animal is light grey with a hoodie attached. The Kigurumi is baggy, so wear it over clothes in case you are cold. It ensures utmost comfort whilst warming your bones that might have gone chilled in brutal winter breeze. 

In case you want to doll-up yourself; compliment this cute animal kigurumi with Sweety Bargello green lenses & Amnesia Heroine cosplay wig. These slightly opaque lenses are worth falling for. Bargello green lenses are lime-green that fade and blend in nicely with your light colored eyes. Ont he other hand the wig really ensures a princess-y feel. "The wig is sewn differently on the bottom back (hairs are sewn upwards) so you can easily tie the wig up in a ponytail. This is what I've been looking for exactly and I can't express how happy this makes me! The wig is perfect in every way and it's so easy to comb and style"

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