Thursday, 12 November 2015

How to De-frizz a Synthetic Wig: Detangle & Defrizz

Synthetic wigs are prone to frizz and tangles. Though a synthetic wig can be treated for disheveled fibers, using a homemade wig conditioner; frizz can be sometimes awkwardly permanent. Synthetic wigs come with a pre-set style so it is presumed that you need not to worry about the style as they will revert back to the factory-built style, shape & bounce. It is unfortunately a misunderstanding about synthetic wig. Ill-treating your wigs will always cost you harshly. Frequent washing, brushing & usage of styling products may turn synthetic wigs frizzy.

Two Simple Steps to De-frizz a 100% Synthetic Wig
Regular synthetic wigs are difficult to style. You cannot use your hot curler or iron to style them. Therefore always invest in 100% heat-resistant synthetic wigs only. If your wig is frizzy and disheveled; consider taking out the tangles first. Try to open the knots or ease the entire process by soaking your wig in a fabric softener conditioner. After you are done treating your synthetic wig for tangles, brace yourself for the next big project that will either ruin your wig or make it. Thus, you need to be careful.

De-Frizzing a 100% Heat Resistant Synthetic Wig

This method is done by using boiled water. If done properly; you can get your wigs look as new as they were at the time of purchase. Hang your wig on a mannequin head and place it at a good height. Let the wig fibers dangle. Make sections of your wig and flick them out. Pour boiling water slowly over each section & let it hang. The weight of the water will pull down the wig fibers that will straighten the wig reducing the frizz. Let it air dry. Straighten them using a straightener if you wish to achieve a dead sleek look. 

Wigs develop frizz where they rub on your collar, nape and shoulder. Also failing to prevent them from static-cling damages your synthetic wigs. Store them braided in original packaging or if you prefer to hang them on a wig hanger, keep them wrapped in a cotton scarf. Following these tips can significantly increase the life of your synthetic wig. How do you manage your frizzy wigs?

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