Thursday, 12 November 2015

Multiple Uses of Solone Flight of Fancy Tinted Blushers

A good blush makes the world of a difference. From adding a fresh rosy flush to acquiring sexy-sculpted cheeks, a blush is all you require. You lack a concealer? Fine. You lag a Contouring powder? No worries. A smooth & silky blush will do just as fine. Oftentimes it is good to mix & match two hues of blushers from the same family as it helps contouring & highlighting. Solone Flight of the Fancy series boast 3 sweet duos namely Misty Pink, Playful Orange & Pinky Peach Sweet Cheeks. These tinted blushes endure long providing a sensual & sweet application either applied single or mixed. The duos add to the functionality. Enjoy using your blusher the following ways.

Natural Rosy Flush
Using a big round dome-shaped blush brush, apply the blush on the apple of cheeks. This creates fresh rosy cheeks.

Eye Shadow
Ok, this comes as no surprise. Apply your favorite tint at your eyes to match your cheeks with your eye color for a fairy-like look.

Conceal your Double-Chin
Solone Flight of the Fancy blushes are good to conceal the double chin. Dab the darker shade and swipe the brush across your jawline to create a sharp & masculine edge. Rub the brush at the sagged chin & see the difference.

DIY Lip Gloss
Scrape a bit of the blush and mix it with the clear lip gloss. Apply it on your lips to create a monochromatic makeup look. The same color at your eyes, cheeks and lips create a subtle signature look that enhances your style statement.

Contour & Highlight
The duo is great! Contour using the darker shade & highlight using the lighter shade. Dab the lighter blush on the forehead if you are extremely pale. The darker at the temples and just below the cheek bones to create an illusion of a sculpted face.

Solone Flight of the Fancy Tinted Blush series is capable of doing wonders. We are sure you can concoct more uses with these amazing tinted blushers. Mind sharing your ideas?

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