Saturday, 14 November 2015

Sweety Nudy Ice Blue: Lenses with Great Coverage & Natural Blending

Circle lenses that at the same time provide great coverage yet look natural are rare. Luckily; Uniqso has launched a new series SweetyCon lenses that offer the solutions to almost all your desperate circle lens needs. Sweety Icy Nudy blue lenses are mildly intense. They are shrill and highly vivid. The Icy blue lenses provide excellent pigmentation. The pattern depicts icicles and solid limbal ring that dolls up your entire appearance. 

" As they blend with my natural eye color a bit, you get a hint of green as well. They are 14.5 mm big, so they clearly give you a little bit of enlargement". Read more review for pictures of Sweety Nudy Ice blue lenses

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