Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Kigurumi Care Instructions: Washing your Kigurumi

Kigurumi onesies are adorable Japanese one-piece outfits made of fleece or cotton. Fleece Kigurumi are bound to keep you warm and comfortable. They are perfect to add fun statement to your lazy Sundays or adventurous nights out. To keep using your Kigurumi, season after season; it is crucial to follow the care & washing instructions. Kigurumi after several wears turn dingy that reduces the joyous statement of the fabric. Wash your fleece onesies the following way to keep them look new forever.
  1. Wash your Kigurumi inside out. When washing it first time, throw it in the washing machine in the cold cycle. After the first cold wash you may like to wash it with hot water in case your kigurumi has got stubborn stains.
  2. Immediate & spot-on treatment is necessary in case you get your fleece PJs stained. Try treating stain with either dish-wash bar or by talcum powder. The sooner you treat the stain, the easier it is for you to remove it. Don’t wash a stained Kigurumi in hot water as it will fix the stain. Wash it in cold water afterwards.
  3. Never bleach your onesies. Using non-chlorine bleach is however safe. Chlorine bleach will damage the texture by destroying the fleece fibers. Wash Kigurumi PJs using any mild detergent available.
  4. Using a fabric-softener is recommended to keep them soft.
  5. It is safe to dry Kigurumi either in dryer or in open air. Just avoid direct sunlight.

Keeping Onesies New:

  1. After dozens of wears, Kigurumi is subjected to develop fuzz balls. The best way to remove fuzz balls is to remove them using “sweater shaver”.
  2. Never iron your fleece kigurumi. It will lay the pile texture flat hence the beauty will be destroyed. To remove the wrinkles, take your kigu out immediately from the dryer, after it has dried. Hang it out to prevent wrinkle formation.
  3. Sometimes the cuffs may lost the stretch. Throw it in your dryer at low heat for a while in the dryer. This will help shrinking your cuffs. 
If you prefer hand-washing, kigurumi can also be hand-washed. It is more about personal-preference. Following these care instructions will keep your kigurumi bright, soft, comfortable & new forever.

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