Saturday, 14 November 2015

What should go on Mature Skin? A BB or a CC Cream?

There is a narrow margin between BB cream and CC cream. Beauty balms are more like a multi-purpose tinted moisturizer whereas a color control/correct cream aims at correcting the skin tone. Unfortunately both of the alphabet creams come with their own limitations- Perhaps beauty companies leave the room for improvements knowingly in order to pave ways for future innovations. A young skin that is still blooming & fresh needs less attention than mature skin that has already gone through years of stress, cellular breakdown & hormonal imbalances. Though a BB cream is always a promising product for achieving sheer to medium coverage; a mature skin is far more in thirst of immediate problem solving product than masking it under the coverage. You got it right; CC cream is what you will eventually need as you age.

What a CC Cream can do that BB Cream Doesn’t?

To put it short; remember the rule of thumb. A BB cream is a makeup product delivering some skin care benefits such as “skin lightening, UV interception & wrinkle improvement”. A CC cream contrary to it is mainly a skin care product that deals in pin-pointing the real skin concerns. It aims at correcting the color thus it helps evening out your skin tone. CC cream is often a pale liquid that eventually begins to hint your skin color as it reacts with oxygen.

A CC cream nourishes skin for ensuring a smooth complexion & texture. Mature skin that goes through roughness, patchy flakes, crow’s feet & character lines does brilliant when a CC cream is applied. It controls problem areas by providing a sheer coverage to wrinkles & redness. It is more effective than a BB cream when your real skin concerns are uneven tone, stressed skin & irritation.
A BB cream on the other hand lags at evening out your complexion especially with mature skin. It is good at providing a decent coverage but is not as good to create an even complexion as a CC cream is. Both of the products can be however mixed together to achieve optimum benefits.

Bottom Line:

If you need to “mask” your imperfections; use a BB cream. On the other hand if you need a product that could slow down the ageing process & provide nourishment; use a CC cream instead

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