Saturday, 7 November 2015

Contact Lenses for Occasional Wear: How often should I Change Contact Lens Storage Solution?

Contact lens solution in which you store your lenses does not only keep your lenses soaked in but also disinfect them. Contact lens storage solution should hence be changed every time you wear your lenses and must not be reused. However, there might be several other pairs of circle contacts that you wear occasionally for instance just in cosplay conventions or formal events. What is the ruling on changing the storage solution of such occasionally used contact lenses? Read below

Contact lenses should only be stored in multi-purpose solution because it replaces other ordinary saline and disinfecting solutions. It also reduces the need of contact lens rinsing as a multi-purpose storage solution is strong enough to kill the bacteria whilst you store contacts over-night. Circle lenses with higher water content tend to get dry more quickly than those with low water-content. This is why it is crucial to keep a check on your spare pairs of contacts. These lenses fulfil their hydration needs from the solution they are soaked in. If left unchecked for a long time; the lenses may turn dry and crimp which makes them unsafe to wear again. This is why; always replace the solution at least once in a week or the morning you are going to wear them.

How often should I Replace Contact Lens Case?

The ruling about replacing the case remains the same because of the bio-film they develop. Bio-film is a slimy layer that accumulates on contact lens cases. Contact lens cases are reservoirs of bacteria and are one of the main major transmitters of diseases. To prevent yourself from CLIDs; replace cases once in every 3 months and make a habit to sterilize them.

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