Friday, 17 April 2015

Exotic Dark Doll Look with I.Fairy Hanabi Red & Stella False Eye Lashes

I.Fairy Hanabi red are one of the most vibrant & dazzling red circle lenses. They are strongly pigmented and ensure a very intense clear transition. The swirly pattern of these lenses create an intriguing look which owes you dozens of followers. I.Fairy Hanabi red circle lenses are recommended to those who want that hauntingly yet cute & exhilarating dolly look. To accentuate your eyes for a cosplay or dark look it is advised to pair I.Fairy Hanabi red with Stella false eye lashes. This way the over-all impact is really impressive & lasts long in the memories. 

Stella Double Flex 8940 eyelashes are dramatic false lashes. They add up nicely to volume and length of your natural lashes without making your lids feel heavy or droopy. When wearing dramatic top lashes be very careful about choosing the lower set of lashes. To avoid looking crazy the lower lashes must look natural such as Stella Eyelashes underlash 8027.

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