Wednesday, 1 April 2015

5 Ways to Prevent Itchy Scalp Caused by Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs boost confidence & appearance by adding an instant appealing factor. Since everything has its pros and cons, synthetic wigs also hold side effects including making your scalp dry & itchy. Things however remain under control, provided you take serious but immediate measures to tackle the underlying issues that might be causing the infection. Synthetic wigs if are not washed properly, develop product build-up or holdup washing residues that instigate itchy scalp, promote bumps & infections. To avoid suffering from synthetic wig related side-effects, consider the following tips & treatments.

Good Quality Synthetic Wig

It is a myth widely believed that only human hair wigs can be quality wigs. Contrary to the myth; synthetic wigs are often far way better than human hair wigs. They are easier to maintain than human hair wigs. Some people opine that they wash easy & stay comfortable. Synthetic wigs are also considered more airy and breathable than human hair wigs.

Cotton Liner

Wearing cotton liner ensures comfortable experience with synthetic wigs. Cotton liners absorb moisture & help reduce greasy or oily buildup that could spoil the wig’s base.

Rinse & Wash

If you use handful of styling products, gels & sprays over synthetic hair wigs; be very careful about washing them after 15 to 20 wears- or a bit more frequently depending upon your lifestyle. Product buildup or shampoo residues turn wig dry & the wig base scaly that might cause rash on your scalp.


If when wearing synthetic wigs you feel an intolerable itching sensation that divert your attention then go private, remove your synthetic wig & pass a cotton swab soaked in witch-hazel over your scalp. This calms down the dryness in instants as it is known for removing the annoying build-up.

Zinc Lotions

Wearing synthetic wigs in routine can block the hair follicles. It also reduces the flow of oxygen that might cause scalp irritation, bumps, and redness. To help relieve the wig stress, use zinc lotions. Zinc is a natural anti-bacterial agent that helps prevent infections caused by synthetic wigs.

There might not necessarily be any serious reasons behind synthetic wigs causing itchy scalp. Sometimes only few lose or stray fibers that come off during casual combing & brushing are the innocent culprits. Always shake off synthetic wigs gently before putting them on to shed the free fibers off the wig. As a side note, keep your synthetic wig hydrated using this DIY conditioner for a soft, cooler & pleasant experience with synthetic wigs. 

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