Saturday, 4 April 2015

Beautiful Lavender Blonde Wig: Lolita Wig AG

The current era is about going bold with your hair. Since after the trends of blue, green and dying your hair red got pace globally, the wig industry has been striving hard to introduce more versatility in the wig fibers so that you could keep your signature identity intact. Lolita Wig AG is a beautiful example of color mixed technology. It boasts sweet lolita curls at the back. These ringlet curls are neither very loose nor very tight but are perfect dolly curls.

Lolita wig AG features a kinky delicate braid at the left side that adds more to its charm. The wig has blunt bangs that look natural. Lolita wig AG does not shine, does not shed fiber and does not feel heavy. Read complete Lolita wig AG review

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