Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Korean Big Eye Circle Lenses: The Soaring Trend of 2015

Circle lenses are no more a fad but have taken the place of being a style statement. Korean big eye circle lenses are set to be the next hit beauty trend of 2015. After the endorsement of KPOP celebrities; Korean circle lenses became the hype in the main stream media. This is why circle lenses are now worn by over 125 million people around the globe.

Korean circle lenses:
  • Create an illusion of bigger iris
  • Help giving you a child-like, doe-eye shape
  • Add a beautiful hint to your genuine eye color
  • Ensures an alluring pop

Korean circle lenses are worn by countless Korean celebrities, beauty gurus, you tube sensations like Phan sisters, Venus Angelic, Anzujaamu etc. Circle lenses have now been deeply penetrated into the western culture; many thanks to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video where she sported circle lenses along with digital alteration to create a successful big & wide anime eye look.

Now Korean circle lenses are available in different varieties catering to the several needs. Contact lenses have now become multi-functional. Some of the brands now even offer advanced qualities of UV rays interception that keep your eyes guarded. Though wearing circle contact lenses might carry potential risks & hazards, once you get over the fear by staying meticulous& vigilant you are covered.

Black market contact lens sales display: courtesy of FDA

The soaring popularity has caused the widespread distribution of fake inferior Chinese lenses that could damage one’s vision. To prevent oneself from vision threatening circle lenses, only purchase certified & branded Korean circle lenses. Since these are made from sandwich printing laser technology; the dye/pigment does not seep through the lenses into your eyes.

If you want to be the part of the trend, grab a huge supply of contact lenses. Korean circle lenses may be subtle or vibrant, whimsical or mysterious, soft or steely- all depend upon how you would want to portray yourself in the public.

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