Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Why Monitoring Eye Health should be One’s Top Priority when Wearing Contact Lenses?

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It is a universal bad habit that we tend to ignore eye health when it comes to monitoring over-all body health. Doctors opine that monitoring eye health should be one’s top priority if you wear prescription contact lenses. Annual checkups & regular follow ups can help over rule the chances of contraindications you have been unaware of.

Eyes are windows to the soul. The idiom seems to carry the load of heavy meanings not only in serving to one’s aesthetics but also in clinical terms. Eyes show discomfort and various signals when your body suffers from other medical conditions; you have been oblivious of. For instance; you might get migraines due to the changing prescription of your contact lenses. Therefore; eye health exam should be made on priority basis once in a year if not in every 6 months.

Contact Lenses Need Attention:

People wearing contact lenses should be more vigilant about how their eyes behave when they shift to different temperature zones. Weather changes may also interfere with vision for patients wearing prescription contact lenses. With the onset of spring the suspended pollen particles in air might accumulate on the surface of contact lenses, causing blurred/hazy vision or might even spark allergic reactions. Similarly, beach visits in summer & tours to frozen areas might create discomfort whilst sporting contact lenses. Using mere eye drops help in various issues but serious concerns are better justified by an Optometrist. Only he will be able to judge if you should continue wearing contact lenses when allergens hit or should better give your eyes a rest.

Contact lenses have never been a problem. Eye experts opine that they wish to see more people opting contact lenses as they have been a handy device in vision correction for people from different walks of life, from children to elderly, from house wives to sportsmen with vigorous activities. Only follow instructions that come with your contact lenses & keep contact lens follow ups in your priority list. Guard your eyes against irrevocable vision damages- start acting today. 

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