Saturday, 4 April 2015

Natural Looking Dolly Lenses: Geolica Holicat Lovely Cat Lovely Choco

These brown circle lenses with tiny enlargement of 14.5mm and simple pattern adorn your eyes with dolly effect. The color of Geolica Holicat Lovely Cat Lovely choco blends with your natural brown eye color and helps enhancing them for a soft impact.

"As you can see the color is really natural that it's really hard to see (especially in real life) I'm wearing lenses, except for the cute design that is visible and the tiny enlargment effect ( 14,5), which is perfect if you'are wearing circle lenses in daily life, the result is a super natural dolly look which I really like! They are super comfortable, the water content is high for a pair with a tiny diameter, absolutely recommended for a daily use!"; opines our circle lens expert in her review of Lovely Cat Lovely choco review

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