Thursday, 16 April 2015

3 Synthetic Wigs: 3 Heartthrob Pieces- The Orange, The Brown & The Blonde

Synthetic wigs are an easy mode of transforming your appearance. Either go funky or dress casual; with synthetic wigs you have endless opportunities. Below we are sharing 3 awe-inspiring synthetic wigs namely, Sakura Chiyo cosplay wig, Nibutani Shinka cosplay wig & Lolita wig X. These wigs are meant to compliment the vibrancy of the event, the decency of the school/office life & the simplicity of daily life respectively. 

Sakura Chiyo Cosplay Wig

A very vibrant orange wig with 65cm length. Very easy to manage & maintain. Made from 100% heat resistant fiber; free from any unnatural shine that could turn you off. This Sakura cosplay wig comes with pre-styled bangs. Simply take it out of the box and flaunt your style. The vivid color grabs attention and turn dozens of heads for you.

Nabutani Shinka Cosplay Wig

This wig has a decent brown color. It is perfect for school or office or when you have guests at home. Th wig has a beautiful hint of reddish brown that spices up the actual brown color and takes it to the new levels of novelty. This wig comes with a pony tail that can be attached or removed. Nabutani wig has bangs that are available for customized styling. Moreover, this wig has a bit of reflex to give it a sweet texture. The wave adds more to the cuteness of this brown cosplay wig.

Lolita Wig X

Lolita Wig X is a beautiful dolly wig in yellow blonde. It has sumptuous twisted curls that make it a perfect party or everyday wig. Since the color is adorably natural you have more options to experiment with this wig. Lolita wig X is pure pleasure to wear as it adjusts itself with whatever outfit you wear. 

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