Monday, 6 April 2015

Geolica Holicat Circle Lenses: Let your Eyes be the Centre of Attention this summer

Geolica Holicat Circle Lens series boast 5 enigmatic designs & enticing colors. All the designs are crafted to provide vivid, striking & bold gazes. They give your iris an enchanting pop that everyone would find themselves falling for.  Geolica Holicat circle lenses by GEO Medical are USFDA approved circle lenses thus the brand ensures a risk-free experience. Geolica Holicat circle lenses are recommended to people with sensitive eyes. The series facilitates easy replacement as they expire every 3 months & keep the risk of contamination reduced.

Geolica Holicat Series by Geo Medical Offers following charismatic colors:

Geolica Holicat Cutie Cat Brown

This model is significantly known for its pattern that has been inspired by cat’s soft fur. The charming pattern & the classic hue take these lenses a level ahead. Geolica Holicat Cutie Cat brown circle lenses create a soft fusion.  The clear limbal ring produces an impression that, when mingles with innocence, ensures huge drama & color to one’s life.

Geolica Holicat Lovely Cat Choco Circle Lenses

This model is alluring. The bewitching chocolate hue with a simple spiky pattern gives you a soft cat-eye look. The thick pattern helps you replicate the most anticipated fashion style. With subtle enlargement to your iris; Geolica Holicat Lovely Cat choco series do not stop to inspire you till a period of 3 months.

Geolica Holicat Sexy Cat Grey Circle Lenses

Sexy Cat grey circle lenses equip your eyes with an inviting sensuous feel.  This model boasts a unique color as the grey in Sexy Cat Holicat has been coated over the green.  Since this is a blend of its own kind Holicat Sexy cat grey circle lenses make you look delicate & arousing.

Geolica Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel Circle Lenses

These honey brown circle lenses enchant with their accentuating limbal ring. They enhance the pupil naturally & the honey hazel hue adds an entwining grip to your gazes. Geolica Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel circle lenses bring out the doll side of your personality & make you the star of the show.

Geolica Holicat Funky Blue Circle Lenses

Funky Cat blue circle lenses break the norms settled by Geolica Holicat series. This is the only model that is fancy enough to let you flaunt the flutter in you. Intensely pigmented blue hue with a pollen-like dusty pattern surrounding the pupil mesmerizes everyone who catches your glimpse. The vivid contrast of strong limbal ring with deep marine blue throw a spell-binding effect to hold others captive in your charm.

Geolica Holicat circle lenses are intended to be used for daily wears as well as for formal occasions. Switch between Barbie Cat Hazel to Lovely Cat choco circle lenses for soft yet alluring daily looks whereas make an appealing statement by either using Holicat Funky blue or Sexy Cat grey lenses for a crisp yet eye-twitching sassy look.


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