Thursday, 2 April 2015

5 Problems All Contact Lens Wearers Know

Ok, contact lenses have been very helpful in vision problems. They also spice up your personality and are known as notable accessories for self-grooming. Yet, there are 5 strange battles every contact lens wearer has to go through. When as a wearer of contact lenses you find yourself stuck in a blind-alley; try any of the following when you encounter such circumstances to save your eyes and the money you had invested in purchasing contact lenses.

Mixing Up Left & Right

People wearing cosmetic lenses for grooming purposes usually are not bothered by the mix up. However; mixing up of left & right might be an annoying issue if you have different prescriptions for both eyes. An easy way is to make a habit whilst inserting your lenses. For instance; always wear right contact lens first followed by the left or vice versa.

Watery Eyes

Contact lenses no matter how experienced & habitual you are trigger tear glands to secret water in the first few seconds of inserting them. This is the natural way of your eyes to help adjust to them & to flush out harmful external agent that might mess out with your eyes. There is no way to avoid watery eyes. To improve the condition; always go slow & soft when inserting contact lenses after conducting thorough inspection for minor nips and notches.

All Efforts Spoiled: Inverted Contact Lenses

Everything seems fine. Your makeup looks gorgeous yeah! But how bad; just when you are about to rock n roll; something starts stinging bad in your eyes. Yes, the reason is either your inverted contact lenses or lenses that have picked a speck of dirt/lint. The burning sensation triggers tear glands giving you raccoon eyes. 

Lo! hours were spent in that smoldering smokey makeup that has been devastated just in few seconds. To prevent having such mishaps, always carry your contact lens kit with you. Instead of letting your eyes flush out the dirt particles, it is advised to immediately take them out, disinfect them and soak them for a while before reinserting.

Gorgeous Nails

AAh! Ask a girl how painful it is to have her nails cut which she had grown after quite a lot struggles. A contact lens wearer simply can’t afford keeping long nails. If she still does; Bravo! We salute her to have courage to keep ripping off her contact lenses all by herself.

Accidental Naps

You are tired and stressed. You are trying to keep your eyes wide and awakened because of the strong realization of having contact lenses in your eyes. Unfortunately, accidentally you dose off and contact lenses get stuck in your eyes making you wake up in horror & terror. To prevent more of the bad luck; stop panicking. Contact lenses simply ca not get lost in your eyes. Ain’t it comforting? Now keeping your pace stable, go find a mirror, bat eyes and take your contact lenses out. 

Even with all the mishaps you have to battle through with contact lenses, we wish one fine morning you will be lucky enough to experience the following

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