Sunday, 19 April 2015

Natural Looking Lenses for Light Eyes: Barbie Kira Kira Grey & Barbie Sugar Candy Pink

Kira Kira Grey

Sugar Candy Pink

Both Barbie Kira Kira grey & Barbie Sugar Candy pink circle lenses add a soft enchantment to light colored eyes. Grey circle lenses are known for adding up mystery whereas pink let you catch the fun factor.

Barbie Kira Kira grey circle lenses look very natural when worn over light colored eyes. The enlargement however is still very exceptional. The dark grey rim at the edges is the real reason that adds to the enlargement of your eyes and are one of the most comfortable lenses ever. "I really love these lenses! I’m pretty sure you could get away with wearing these lenses, (at least if you have light eyes) considering that they’re so natural. I definitely recommend them if you’re looking for enlarging lenses that still looks very natural!" - Review here

Sugar Candy Pink

Contrary to Barbie Kira Kira grey; here comes Barbie Sugar Candy pink lenses. Pink definitely is not a natural color but due to the charisma they ensure they are one of the most sought after circle lenses among teen age girls. They possess a simple design with a darker ring outside followed by a pink ring. This is why the enlargement is very dolly & sweet. Since these circle lenses are almost transparent they would blend naturally with a subtle transition. "The semi-transparent pink mixed with the black rim looks great and really compliment each other. They look good with, from what I’ve noticed, basically any kind of makeup. These lenses have a diameter of 16.2mm, and they really do enlarge your eyes. There are no major problems with them!"- Review here

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