Saturday, 4 April 2015

Blonde Wig & Blue Circle Lenses: Orenchi Cosplay & Dolly Eye Bubble Blue

Dolly Eye Bubble blue create a  very striking contrast against Orenchi Furo Jijou cosplay wig. These blue circle lenses are monotone blue lenses and the absence of limbal ring makes them look very natural yet appallingly vibrant & mind-blowing. On the other hand; the blonde wig is warm yellow wig with lots of hair in it. The wig comes with a pony tail that can be separated when desired. Wear it alone or wear it with a pony tail the wig will always bewitch you with with beauty

"As for the wig, I decided to choose one from the blonde wigs to combine with these lenses for the photos. Blonde hair and blue eyes might be a quick and easy decision, but they go really well together."; read more details in Anzujaamu's review

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