Friday, 17 April 2015

Yukako Yamagishi Cosplay with ICKT-1 Blue Lenses & Naraku Black Wig

For Yukako Yamagishi cosplay you need a black curly wig with lots of volume and bounce. Other than the wig; the other important accessory to complete the costume character is ICKT-1 blue circle lenses. Naraku black cosplay wig along with blue circle lenses create a very subtle contrast that defines the character in the best way possible. 

Naraku black cosplay wig is made up of 100% heat-resistant fibers. It is heavy, boasts sumptuous sexy curls & is good at holding the shape & bounce. These curls can be slightly loosen by brushing but luckily the wig won't lose the shape & style unless you straighten it using a flat iron. The wig remembers the wave & the formation of curls therefore is bound to get back on its factory-built style unless you take extra measures to get it straighten. 

ICKT-1 blue lenses on the other hand are cold blue mono tone circle lenses. They are very natural looking due to the absence of limbal ring. Try the combination of black wig & blue circle lenses either for cosplay or for a beautiful personality enhancement. 

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