Thursday, 16 April 2015

Blue, Violet or Green: What Lenses do You Pick?

Circle lenses help you bring a pleasant change in your personality. With circle lenses you can get the quirkiest and the most unusual eye colors which otherwise would not have been possible. Circle lenses turn your eyes beautiful, mesmerizing and help you spice up your entire personality. Below we are sharing some vibrant colored circle lenses namely I.Fairy Star violet, Beuberry NV green & Beuberry MI blue for your inspiration.

I.Fairy Star Violet

These violet circle lenses come with a bigger pupil hole that let your eye color peep through. This helps creating a beautiful fusion of two entirely different colors. I.Fairy Star violet circle lenses boast star pattern that is closely knitted to the outer ring ensuring a wide empty room for the rest of the lens. These lenses fade well into your original eye color & produce a glorious effect.

Beuberry NV green

These circle lenses are very vibrant green & comfortable. They add a glossy finish to your eyes & make your eyes look huge with the 16.2mm diameter. Beuberry NV green circle lenses turn you into a doll with an eye color that is rarest around the globe. 

Beuberry MI blue

Since these are strongly pigmented and vibrant they make perfect blue lenses for cosplays. They are easily noticeable. They blend in nicely and add a whimsical pop to your eyes making them looking alluring & fascinating. 

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