Saturday, 18 April 2015

Doll-ish Warm Blonde Wig: Mari Kozakura Cosplay Wig

This warm yellow high quality wig is irresistible. The wig screams high for ultimate doll looks. It is super quality, straight & 120 cm long wig. The wavy locks that turn gross and dense at the tips add a woow factor to Mari Kozakura cosplay wig

Please follow the Rapunzel Doll makeup tutorial below

The wig's bangs are not pre-styled so you can trim them they way you want. The wig is soft to touch; however it might invite tangles as it is way too long. Always brush it using  a wig comb that is made of metal wires to prevent getting the long wigs messy. "It turned out to be just perfect, nice and bright blonde, curly and full of life, really thick as well!"; says Jackocalypse in her review of Mari Kozakura wig

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