Sunday, 19 April 2015

Soft Natural Looks with Kimchi Choco & Nakano Azusa Cospaly Wig

For people who want to bring a pleasant change in their personalities without overdoing their appearance then trying Kimchi Choco circle lenses along with Nakano Azusa cosplay wig would definitely take you to meet your sweet destination. 

Kimchi Choco circle lenses are pretty natural. The enlargement is rally worthwhile but the absence of pattern keep them look simple in your eyes. They tend to enhance already brown eyes and are recommended to people who would want only a subtle dolly effect with out color change. The Azusa wig is pure black long and straight. Since it does not shine it also looks very natural. The combination of choco lenses and Nakano wig is perfect for occasions where you prefer to go natural, calm & serene.

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