Saturday, 18 April 2015

Geo Xtra Morning Glory Grey: Innocent Dolly Eyes

With these grey circle lenses you get innocent natural looking big eyes. The pattern enchants people as they fade naturally whilst progressing towards the pupil hole. Geo Xtra Morning Glory grey redefine purity, and add newer dimensions to your eyes. The color is really soft and it makes an impression without letting anyone feel that you are wearing circle lenses.

"I love them!!!!! I am very happy with them not only because the color and shapes are as I expected but because they are very comfortable, yes, very VERY COMFORTABLE. I never thought that circle lenses could feel so good, they are soft and the truth is I didn’t even realize I was wearing them. 100% recommended. I certainly plan to use them for the photos many, many times"- read Geo Xtra Morning Glory grey

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