Thursday, 23 April 2015

Should you Continue Wearing Contact Lenses when you Fall Sick?

Falling sick makes you feel weak. Though minor fever & ordinary catch-ups of cold & flu should not usually be a concern with contact lenses, it is advised to give your eyes a rest during sickness. According to medical experts; when you are ill, the tear production is compromised that make your eyes dry. Contact lenses and dry eyes are not a fun combination, as many of the users put it.

Contact lenses and tear film have a very kinky relationship. Contact lenses float over the corneas where the tear film facilitates the process. When the tear-chemistry is disturbed; the tear production becomes reduced due to which your eyes feel dry. If wearing contact lenses is not ceased immediately, a stingy sensation, burning or scratchiness can be observed.

Solution of the Problem

Many people do not find it a problem to continue wearing their contact lenses. You cannot always snug in your cozy couch with chicken broth as your life line until you get over illness. Most of the people take flu & minor illness normally & continue with their life chores. Wearing contact lenses should be as normal as other things in life remain. If you are someone blind like a bat then we have a solution for you. Get yourself good quality eye drops prescribed by a doctor. Eye drops will keep your eyes moist taking care that your contact lenses don’t scratch out your eyes.


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