Friday, 17 April 2015

The Subtle, The Funky & The Classic: Tale of Circle Lenses & Makeup

Circle lenses and makeup go hand in hand. In order to look at your best you must have visualization to compliment your circle lenses with makeup. Some circle lenses would scream for heavy makeup application whereas the rest would go fine with a simple eye liner application. Makeup can either be done to match the color of your lenses or can also be done in contrast to enhance certain features. Nkauj shares her secret makeup tips with circle lenses in her guide below

These grey circle lenses are one of the most natural looking circle lenses. They deliver simple yet out class effect for which it is hard to find any parallel of. Although grey circle lenses go fine with any kind of makeup look; they tend to look adorable when are complimented with sexy big eye and fierce makeup look. Geolica Celine looks awesome with somkey makeup or when rimmed with Kohl and liner.

I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 15 Yellow Green

Since these circle lenses are a blend of different lovely tones you have more room to play with colors. These lenses are vibrant & youthful so enjoy whatever the makeup look you would want to try with them

They are super pretty natural looking brown circle lenses and are perfect to lighten up the light colored eyes. You can stay soft with these lenses as they scream for  a day time look. Run some earthy shades or bronze and copper to add a magnetic pop.

Read the detailed guide of makeup with circle lenses and be a pro at makeup!

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