Friday, 3 April 2015

Dirty Pink Heavily Curled Wig: Vocaloid Luka D Wig

If you were not lucky enough to born with natural curly locks, fret not; since you can wear your craze the easy way now. Vocaloid Luka Wig D is a beautiful dirty pink wig with cascading sumptuous curls. The wig is heavy and has lots of hair.

Furthermore, the wig has several enticing elements increasing the beauty of this cosplay pink wig including the bangs and an extra clip-on pony tail. The tail is supported by a big clip that helps securing the pony tail at the wig base. It can be removed if you do not wish to attach it- the wig still remains flattering enough due to the tight and sexy ringlet curls that extend all the way down from the wig base.

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