Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dolly Eye Starry Eye Grey with Ringo Tsukimiya Cosplay Pink Wig

Dolly Eye Starry Eye Grey circle lenses are very lucid and sheer. They create  a very piercing shrill effect on light colored eyes and help making them look huge despite 14.8 mm diameter. Dolly Eye Starry Eye grey can be worn when you want to accentuate the other elements of your personality such as your long sumptuous and lavish curly locks as in case of Ringo Tsukimiya cosplay wig.

The wig is lusciously thick with ringlet onion curls that are coarse. They give enough volume to the wig. The wig is layered and beautifully boast two romantic pink tones that make the wig look truly feminine. The curls are totally flattering. Wear it to form your own signature identity. 

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