Sunday, 5 April 2015

Super Lavish Black Wig: Nakano Azusa Cosplay Wig

Nakano Azusa cosplay wig is jet black, 100 cm straight and sleek wig. The wig features twin tails, bangs and side fringes that add unique style to this black cosplay wig. As like other Uniqso's wigs Nakano Azusa cosplay wig is also made up of 100% heat-resistant fibers. The wig is super soft to feel and airy to give you a peaceful & comfortable wearing experience. 

The pigtails can be separated from the base wig; hence you can wear the wig with or without pigtails. Want to wear short black wig that compliments your petite facial structure? Wear the base wig alone.

"The wig looks nice for daily use and goes well with harajuku or imouto kei, is easy to style and untangle because of it’s length (40cm) and doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of hair. The top side looks really natural compared to the other wigs, it almost has a natural hair line, which I find really nice. "- More thoughts about Nakano Azusa cosplay wig

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