Monday, 13 April 2015

Lady Gaga Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Who on Earth is unaware of Lady Gaga's influential appearances? She is considered the most powerful lady when it comes to fashion & music. Lady Gaga is busy breaking the norms. Her wild fashion ideology along with her signature style concepts keep her a level ahead. It is said that every time Lady Gaga is photographed; she has a different hairstyle. Below our makeup artist SumiBunny tries to recreate Lady Gaga's Makeup look. Watch the tutorial for an impeccable transformation. 

  • Cover your eyebrows using Mastix and eyebrow wax, you will only need a thin layer since we just want to cover them enough to make them look blonde later using a mix of vanilla and light brown or grey eyeshadow and a beveled brush.
  • Work on the contouring of the face trying to mimic Gaga's facial features and apply fluid makeup on top.
  • Fix with loose powders and apply some dark powders on the dark parts of the contouring ( nose, cheekbones, jaw... ) to accentuate it a little bit more.
  • Apply brown light eyeshadow in the outer side of the upper eyelid and the crease, gold in the middle and a light tone in the inside. Use a natural brown eyeliner too.
  • Apply some mascara.
  • Line your lips in a natural tone and shape them like Gaga's with concealer.
  • Fix with loose powders and apply a orange-ish light lipstick, If you don't have any, use concealer, orange eyeshadow and lipgloss on top.
  • Wear your wig ( ) and some fashionable clothes and you are done Little Monster ! 

Courtesy of SumiBuuny

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