Saturday, 4 April 2015

Be a Babe with Light Blonde Wig & Neo Dali Toric Lenses

This light blonde 100% heat resistant wig is glamorously long. Cosplay Chobits Soubi blonde wig is super sleek, straight & shiny. The wig feels soft to touch and light to carry over your scalp. This blonde wig looks totally adorable when is worn with Neo Dali Extra brown lenses.

" I didn’t expect the color would be light blonde with a hint of ashy which I really like! Then the second, I felt the hair quality, as expected it was so soft and silky. I like brushing my fingers on the hair cause it feels very soft and lovely, way silkier than my own hair obviously lol. "

This wig makes a bright combination with Neo Dali Toric lenses- Dali Extra brown. They look very natural, dolly & adorable. The color is very soft and subtle and the enlargement effect is very moderate. Please check more pictures of Neo Dali Extra brown 

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