Thursday, 12 June 2014

How to Increase the Life of Synthetic Wigs?

Synthetic hair wigs are far better than natural hair wig for many reasons. Synthetic hair wigs are not only easier to style but are also easier to maintain. Synthetic hair wigs are preferred by women having busy routine such as working women and those who are cosplayers. With only little tips you can increase the life of your synthetic wigs. To increase the longevity of your synthetic hair wigs all you need to do is to practice good wig care.

Washing your synthetic wig after every 15-20 wears is recommended to prevent them from being soiled and dirty. It has also been observed that keeping your own hair cleaned and washed when wearing a wig made from synthetic fibers increases the life of wigs.

How to Wash Synthetic Hair Wigs?

  1. Wash your synthetic hair wig only with the shampoo that is manufactured to wash synthetic wigs. Never use normal shampoo to wash your synthetic wigs since it may be too harsh for the fibers.
  2. Synthetic hair wigs cannot hold heat and similar styling products. Therefore never wash such wigs in hot water. To wash add a teaspoon of wig shampoo in to the bowl full of cold water. Soak it in water for a minute or two whilst gently doing the wig for an additional cleanup of dirt and debris that might be stuck somewhere in the fibrous hair strands.
  3. Do not forget to comb your synthetic hair wig before shampooing. Brush it lightly using a synthetic hair wig brush. It is different than regular brush since it is made up of wires.
  4. After washing take it out from the basin. Be careful do not wring or squeeze your wig as it may spoil the style and shape of the wig. It can also weaken the fibers and doing so on permanent basis will make wig lose the fibers.
  5. Blot your synthetic wig dry in a towel first. After patting it dry; leave it& hang down on the wig stand. Let it air dry. Air drying will revert your wig back to its original shape and style. Always stay careful; never style wet synthetic wig.
  6. Keep your wig safe in its original packaging to prevent it from being disheveled.

Synthetic hair wigs may last you quite long. These are good for summers since they are light weight and are cooler than natural hair wigs. They also have a preset style so you don’t need to run into stylist every time you wear it. Simply put it on and flaunt with a new flouncy hair wig!

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