Saturday, 22 February 2014

Kimchi Maki Yellow Circle Lenses, Stella Triple Flex & Solone Eye Liner Review

Kimchi Maki Yellow colored contacts

Stella Triple Flex 8990

Solone Role Switching Eyeliner

Kimchi Maki Yellow circle lenses guarantee ultimate vibrant eyes. The sparkling hues of yellow in contrast with thick outer ring create an illusion of amplified eyes. The starry pattern catches everyone's attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

Kimchi Maki yellow circle lenses possess a huge diameter of 16mm with 55% water content. 

Kimchi Maki yellow cosplay circle lenses look lavish when paired up with "Stella Triple Flex" False eyelashes. These triple flex lashes are made with brown and black fibers to enhance your dyed hairs or streaks.

These false eyelashes; Model No 8990 help you achieving a natural yet dramatic look as they blend perfectly with your own natural eye lashes.

Find out more that how you can get a pair of joyous and lively eyes with Kimchi Maki Yellow circle lenses Review  and other big eyes makeup accessories.


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