Monday, 19 October 2015

Glasses VS Circle Contacts: Are Contact Lenses a Luxury?

Sandra Michi

This is typically a personal preference to choose between circle lenses & glasses for vision correction. Back few decades, contact lenses were considered a luxury; but today they cost less than a dollar per day. Depending on the lifestyle; contact lenses can be more convenient especially if you work outdoors. Glasses can be expensive, exceeding to US$ 800 annually. The prices exponentially go up as you decide to choose premium features such as anti-reflective coating, designer frames and etc.

Typically an FDA approved branded pair of circle lenses with annual replacement is available only under US$23.00. There are innumerable designs and colors available with advanced options such as higher oxygen permeability & UV interception through employing silicone hydrogel material. Contact lenses with premium features usually only add a burden of extra $2. Glasses on the other hand may be a signature style element but they significantly cost a lot more than a regular pair of contact lenses.

Contact lenses are convenient & handy. They excel at improving & correcting vision. Since lenses float over cornea they ensure better vision including the peripheral. Contrary to colored lenses; glasses obstruct the field of vision & limit life activities. Wearing glasses, you cannot take part in sports or work uninterruptedly in fields. Glasses are prone to get affected by weather- they turn foggy and interfere with seeing clearly. This is important to note that contact lenses also get affected by the changing weather especially during summer & fall when pollen contaminates circle contacts. This however needs few life modifications & little management during peak allergy seasons to safely continue wearing contacts. Glasses on the other hand cannot be managed.

Contact lenses also add up the load of bearing cases & multi-purpose solution. However, buying a year’s supply reduces the price by availing rebates. Contact lenses are unparalleled signature style statement and that too without making a dent in your budget. Get novelty colored contacts for upto 57% off*

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