Sunday, 24 August 2014

Are Circle Lenses Dangerous? No, Not Really

Are Circle Lenses Dangerous? No, Not Really

These days, horror stories regarding circle lenses have surfaced at social media which show gross results and horrendous aftermath of wearing circle lenses. However; all such stories had one thing on common- "They all failed to follow their eye care practitioners’ advices". Circle lenses are nothing dangerous. Problems occurred by circle lenses are less likely to happen, provided proper hygiene& maintenance is followed.

Circle Lens Borne Eye Infections- an uncommon happening:

According to British Contact Lens Association, serious eye infections caused by circle lenses are fortunately too rare to affect only about four in every 10,000 circle lens wearers per year. Furthermore, vision loss initiated by circle lenses is yet another rare occurrence that affects only 6 in every 100,000 wearers of circle lenses globally every year.

Discomfort prompted by circle lenses such as pink eyes, stinging, eye-strain etc. is easy to handle. Such symptoms slowly go away after taking out troublesome circle lenses. The major reasons behind the discomfort induced by circle lenses may be one or more of the following:

  • Wearing dirty circle lenses
  • Wearing damaged circle lenses
  • Wearing circle lenses at sleep
  • Wearing substandard circle lenses

On the other hand, mishandling of circle lenses may lead to horrific & veering results in some cases. Chronic symptoms such as discharge from eyes, blurred vision, lumps, and unbearable eye pain are contraindication of serious & often very gross eye infections that most often do not fade with the removal of circle lenses. Such cases involve removal of cornea to stop the spread-out of the virus which results in permanent vision loss.

Circle Lenses are Vision & User Friendly:

Circle lenses are friendly prosthetic medical devices that cater quite brilliantly to one’s fashion craves. Proper cleanliness & hygiene keeps your eyes safe, bright & help you make an impact. “It is as easy as this; you wear circle lenses every day, disinfect them every time you wear and take them off before going to bed”, says Dr. Alfredo Trevino Jr. from Trevino Eye Clinic.

Good hygiene reduces the risks of infection to four times in circle lens wearers. Always handle circle lenses carefully and stay away from cigarette-smoking.


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