Monday, 5 August 2013

Recycle Big Eye Contact Lens Case I Make an Ear Bud Detangler

It is deadly annoying to find your pair of head-phones tangled together in a knotted mess. You are running late for a meeting but you have to waste your time trying to detangle the tight knots. It is true; no matter how carefully you keep them to avoid the knots; your headphones will still get into it somehow. Did you know a DIY ear-bud detangler can save you a life? Make one by recycling an old case of big eye contact lenses.

We earlier discussed 9 ingenious ways of recycling old cases of big eye contact lenses; now we have another brilliant use- probably the 10th ingenious use.

DIY- An Ear Bud Detangler/ Protector using an Old Case of Big eye Contact Lens

Things you require
  • An old case of big eye contact lenses
  • A heated sharp exacto knife or blade
  • A pencil to make the markings
  • Head phones


Step 1:
Prepare your exacto knife by heating it in flame or alternatively get a sharp blade.

Step 2:
Meanwhile mark carefully using an old pencil that how deep slits you need to make in your old case of contact lenses to have those headphones’ handles rest fully.

Step 3:
With balanced movements of your hand and medium pressure start cutting the marked portions on big eye contact lens case using the heated exacto knife. Do it carefully, taking care of not to wound your fingers. Go slowly and go in a rhythm to keep the balance maintained.

Things to Remember:

1. Use simple big eye contact lens cases and avoid the fancy animal cases.

2. The plastic of big eye contact lens cases is brittle and prone splitting so avoid exerting too much of the pressure.

3. The slots in each compartment should be big enough to accommodate the handles of the headphones entirely. If the slots are not properly cut; the caps will not screw on properly on the case of big eye contact lens.

Article Inspiration & Pictures: Instructables

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