Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Are Contact Lenses Really Responsible for Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome affect visual acuity due to the increased stress on ocular muscles. Digital era has pushed everyone into “screen-reading”. Be it your social media, work routine or leisure activities; every platform requires you to squint at your tablets, mobile phones, computers and LEDs. This reduces the number of times human eye blinks which leads to eye strain. Contact lenses may add to the symptoms but they are not to be hold accountable for the syndrome. According to the Oklahoma City Eye Specialist Dr. Chris Boaldin it is the obsession to smart screens that increases the risks of the syndrome.

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome:
Computer vision syndrome reduces blinking to five times that exert pressure on nerves. This may lead to blurred or hazy vision, watery eyes, heavy eye lids and redness. Contact lenses block the smooth flow of oxygen to some extent; though advance technology has made the availability of silicone hydrogel lenses possible that allow upto 5 times more of the oxygen transmission. Circle contacts come with their own constraints as other medical devices. Working for more than 8 hours on computer screen with circle lenses in eyes may affect one’s efficiency.

Fortunately computer vision syndrome does not call to quit wearing contacts. According to experts few lifestyle modifications may help relieve the symptoms. Basically, by improving sitting postures, lighting conditions & by reducing the glare, CVS can be eliminated. “I always urge patients not to ignore any vision discomfort,” said Dr. Boaldin. “Simple postural changes can significantly reduce computer vision syndrome symptoms and help prevent the development of additional vision problems.”

Management with computer vision syndrome actually eases it out to continue wearing contact lenses with least discomfort. Furthermore, wearing lenses that ensure maximum comfort & water retention heals the symptoms and improves contact lens tolerance.  

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