Friday, 9 October 2015

3 Mind-Blowing Makeup Hacks using Contact Lens Solution

Contact lens solution holds a lot of benefits. Generally, it is used to rinse & soak circle contacts but this versatile solution rather aims at making your life easier. A contact lens surfactant is basically a sterile buffered saline solution that is known to work wonders for reviving the dead makeup products. This solution has also amazing healing properties that makes it a must-have in every “First-Aid Kit”. Below are the 3 amazing makeup hacks using contact lens solution.

1. Get rid of Gunky Mascara using Contact Lens Solution
Mascara betrays the most. Within a short period of 3 months; it dries out and vanishes. Unless your mascara provides you smooth, clump-free application; the dream of achieving long, fuller lashes remains a dream. The easiest solution to de-clump mascara is to add 5-8 drops of contact lens solution in your mascara container. It also helps cleaning the mascara wand out of beady and old mascara residue.

2. DIY Customized Liquid Eyeliner using Contact Lens Solution

courtesy of stylecraze

High school students love to flaunt every day with a new soft look. Those nerd glasses can totally blow others out when your eyes are lined with a soft, shimmery eye-liner to match your outfit. Unfortunately, the budget constraints keep them off. As a simple solution; mix your favorite eye shadow (preferably powdered/mineral) with the mighty liquid. Mix it and allow it to set for 15 minutes. Alternatively, broken eye shadows can be used.

3. Get rid of Soiled Water-Line for Intense Kohl Application
When applying eye makeup, some of the particles get into eyes soiling your water-line. Eye shadows act as a barrier and prevents intense application of Kohl. For vivid, raven-black & creamy application; clean your water-line using contact solution. Dip a cotton bud in the said liquid and run it along your water-line. It will remove makeup particles & leave your water-line neat clean for deep kohl rimmed eyes.

Note: Contact lens solution that reads “Multi-Purpose Solution” is also safe for the said uses.

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