Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Is it Safe Enough to Wear Colored Contacts for Visual Acuity during Labour?

During labour a woman’s body go through exacerbating pain that might not allow her for any extra accessories. Be it contact lenses or other accessories, everything should be removed before a woman enters into the labour pain. Contact lenses are drying to eyes and they may exacerbate the suffering. When a woman is delivering, her body goes through a lot of stress & strain that causes headaches, pressure on abs, face & eyes. Contact lenses may also get dislodged as the body enters into the transition mode. Yet, you are not restricted to make your own choice by medical experts.

Eye doctors suggest that contact lenses should not be worn for more than 6 hours in a day; but labour pain may last longer than ten hours. It might not be possible to remove colored contacts when a woman is already screaming for the body-wrecking pain. Colored contacts when worn for over the extended duration turn eyes dry which cause discomfort in blinking. This happens because the tear film is disturbed due to the obstruction in smooth oxygen flow.

Hospitals discourage women to wear colored contacts and or glasses. Women can doze off during the stretch of labour which is yet another convincing point to avoid colored lenses. Similarly, glasses are not an option either. They can get damaged and cause corneal bruises. However, most of the women whilst describing their labour experiences told that they were not asked to remove their colored contacts during delivery. Unless there is an expectation of an emergency c-section; women opine they can safely wear contact lenses during labour as they are hassle-free. To rule out fears, talk to your gynae & eye care provider.

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