Monday, 5 October 2015

Sub-Standard Contact Lenses Jeopardize Actress’ Sight

A young actress risked her eye sight wearing a pair of expired and sub-standard contact lenses, as was reported somewhere in India. Contact lenses that are meant to accentuate your eyes, should never be allowed to imperil your vision because you get it only once in a lifetime. Sub-standard contact lenses run fatal risks. They do not only monger on your hard-earned money but also devour the cornea. Before you get set to wear circle lenses, obtain a valid prescription from your ophthalmologist.

That day, I had put on a pair of lenses in the morning, but forgot to take them off as I was busy in the shoot,” Priya- the affected victim, told Prothom Alo (Entertainment News) on Saturday. “I removed the lenses while I was returning home in a CNG-run auto-rickshaw in the midnight. No sooner had I taken them off than I started feeling a sharp pain in my eyes. The intensity of pain started increasing. At one stage, I started screaming in pain,” she added. 

She further explained that the contact lenses she used for her role in the shoot; had an expiry date due in 2020. This is to note, that the maximum contact lens can last you once they are opened is hardly a duration of 8-12 months. Brands that claim to work years of wears play dirty and that too at the cost of your health. Do check out for the health certificates that every manufacturer of contact lenses must obtain, before penetrating the products in the market. Ensure that your supplier meet the health parameters to prevent the infectious diseases.

Circle contacts create an illusion of bigger, bolder and beautiful eyes. Be very cautious that you get only Korean origin, branded circle lenses that are manufactured under strict health standards in state-of-art laboratories. 

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