Tuesday, 6 October 2015

3 Ways to Manage Colored Contacts in Hazy Weather

Alike spring, autumn & summer patients with refractive index error need to manage their life style in order to stay comfortable during hazy weather, with the type of contact lenses they wear. During haze; smoke or dust particles are suspended most in the air due to which a feeling of discomfort is observed. Trapped foreign particles may even induce burning/stinging sensation. Haze affects field of vision & limits the visibility. Above all, it adversely affects your peepers- threatens your vision; if you wear contact lenses. Fortunately, everything is manageable; provided, you are willing to stay meticulous of contact lens handling & focused at improving your lifestyle.

1. Prevention
Let us remind our elementary lesson i.e. “Prevention is better than cure”. It is advisable to avoid staying out doors when the weather is windy or hazy. Since the surface of contact lenses is electrostatic; everything that comes into contact with them make its way inside to the cornea. Therefore, always carry a traveling contact lens kit that easily accommodates a small bottle of your contact lens disinfectant. In emergency, instead of rubbing your eyes and making things gross; immediately put off your circle contacts and disinfect them right at the spot. Monthly or daily disposable circle lenses are a better option in such changing climates.

2. Wear Contact Lenses with High Water Grade
Contact lenses with low water ratio may get dry. They increase the risk of corneal abrasions when eyes are rubbed in case of introduction of a foreign body. Though rubbing seems to calm down the slew of eye problems; it actually aggravates the condition. Contact lenses with high water grade keep eyes moist and comfortable.

3. Keep Lubricating your Eyes
When out in haze, carry lubricating drops in your bag. Rewetting drops help immediately flush out the foreign agents. Some of the advanced rewetting drops such as Blink N Clean from Abbott Pharma, disinfect contact lenses whilst they are still in your eyes. Just instill few drops, blink and Ta da!

Haze if composed of water vapors, do not really affect contact lens wear. However, one should be concerned if it is the other way round. Irritants can leave your cornea and contact lenses scratched. Contact lens management in haze is a bit difficult to tackle as sun glasses cannot provide protection in haze. To ensure, you stay comfortable keep a spare pair of colored contacts along with other needed accessories. Being warned is being armed, right?

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