Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Blood Curdling Halloween: Scare Away with Xorn Sclera Lenses

Halloween has already started shaking us. With all the blood-curdling, pre-Halloween looks; demons & ghosts have begun haunting the spook villas for their seasonal stay. Give these phantoms a tough time-Brace yourself for a dreadful trippy transformation using Halloween wigs & Xornblue sclera lenses. Zombie, vampires & ghosts apparitions are too main stream- Create something dread-full that pukes blood, suggest terror & leave the dare-devils dumb-founded.

Phantasee Xorn sclera lenses are pure theater stuff. These terrifying sclera lenses are 100% opaque that make use of FDA approved strong dyes. These lenses ensure an immediate frightening aura. They are fully round and cover your entire cornea. Xorn sclera lenses along with Final Fantasy-Vincent Valentine costume wig give you a possessed look. The wig is jet black, super shiny, sleek & straight. It reaches down all the way to one’s knees thus has been promising for Halloween makeovers.

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It is time to take over zombie parades & vampire hordes, by your very own grotesque transformation. Be a beast with your inhuman eyes wearing Xorn sclera lenses. Xorn lenses will blow others out by highlighting your nefarious intentions at the night of hallows. The trippy illusionary makeup will hold your long-haunted victim numb by confiscating the mental abilities to think rationally. Be the ghoul of the town. You are free to cannibalize at the eve of pagans.

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