Saturday, 17 October 2015

Halloween Safety Tips: Synthetic Wigs & Colored Contact Lenses

Halloween transformation lags huge without cosplay wigs and colored contacts. Cosplay makeovers such as Hannah Montanna, Mad-Hatter Clown or pirate require finishing touches through costume wigs. Colored contacts further turns your transformation edgy. However, at Halloween when lanterns, candles & other props add a spooky touch; they also hinder with your lenses & wigs. To prevent accidents and tripping; follow the Halloween safety tips below
  1. When wearing costume wigs make sure that wig fits you properly. The lay strands, complimentary pieces such as bangs or fangs must not obstruct your vision.
  2. Decorative novelty colored contacts make use of solid pigments that sometimes obstruct vision especially when one is visually impaired. Avoid wearing costume wigs that shed fibers. These fibers mess bad with costume contacts if gotten into eyes.
  3. Make sure that synthetic wigs you decide to wear are not very long. Keep your hair tied either in a bun or in a braid. Lose, long open wig fibers can get hooked to the jack-o-lanterns, swords or knives whilst you trespass in a dark alley beside the road side Halloween baubles.
  4. Don’t wear wigs that dangle over your eyes, mouth or nose. Don’t let a wig cover your ears either.
  5. Stay alert of the surroundings. Synthetic wigs can catch fire via Halloween candles. Novelty contacts don’t let you see clearly. Chances of vision obstruction are higher when you are wearing sclera lenses that cover even the whites.

Halloween is all about fun mingled with thrill. Don’t let it jeopardize your safety. Be wary of the colored contacts & costume wigs you wear. Avoid carrying dangerous weapons. Just be a nice troll & enjoy treating at the end of the day!

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