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3 Mind-Blowing (Alternative) Medical Uses of Contact Lens Solution

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The ordinary contact lens solution that is safe for rinsing & soaking circle contacts has mind-blowing alternative uses that you would regret missing at. Contact lens solution is not to be confused with no-rub multi-purpose solution. Multi-purpose solution that is actually meant to “disinfect” contacts; contain enzymes & chemicals whereas contact lens solution is almost the same as saline solution that has got the closest  formulation of the human tears. Below are the alternative uses of contact lens solution; you would feel sorry, for; you didn’t know.

Solutions that go expire cannot be used to soak or rinse your contacts- not even if they are un-opened. However there are plenty of other uses you could consume your outdated solution in. Expired but unopened solution bottles are still sterile and are safe for external uses. Don’t throw the expired solution- enjoy the miracles it has for you in reserve.

1. Contact Lens Solution as a First Aid Necessity
This solution is an excellent agent to cleanse & wash wounds. Keep an un-opened & unexpired contact lens solution in your first-aid kid. It immediately helps flushing out irritant from eyes whilst ensuring least damage to the corneal tissues. A travel-size first-aid kit should always carry a decent quantity of this solution for camping. It removes dirt & decontaminate minor cuts & scratches with additional benefits of healing tissues.

2. Contact Lens Solution as Nasal Irrigation
Contact lens solution when used as a nasal wash help decongestion. It clears nasal passages of mucus & relieves sinusitis symptoms. A research study proves, that daily irrigation of nasal passages with saline solution/contact lens solution reduces the use of anti-biotics. Directly spray it into the nose, taking care that the opening of the bottle does not come in contact with nose.

3. Contact Lens Solution as an Ear Wash
Congestion in ear due to excessive ear-wax can be washed out using contact lens solution. Mix one part of hydrogen per oxide with one part of the solution. Instill a continuous stream using a regular sterile syringe or few drops into the affected ear. The wax-buildup will rise and bubble-up at the surface to help you with further cleansing.

Contact lens liquid has several other purposes. It serves great in your makeup kit too. For instance; it helps de-clump your dried-out mascara. Stay glued to this place for more amazing uses of the magic solution! 

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