Tuesday, 6 October 2015

4 Tips to Reduce Chances of Vision Loss in Contact Lens Wearers

Over 285 million people have vision problems out of which 90% are fortunately curable. With little perseverance; chances of vision loss in contact lens wearers can be significantly reduced. Vision impairment often go un-noticed due to the eye exams being overly under rated. Doctors suggest that adults with 20/20 vision should observe regular checkups- once in a year, if not twice. Contact lenses are an excellent mode of vision correction as compared to the other counter-parts. Continuously using them to alter the vision helps improve the vision related disorders such as dizziness & headaches. Contact lens wearers with little consistency can prevent further vision loss by following the tips given below:

Eat Fresh: Eating fresh, for instance; green leafy vegetables help improve the eye sight. Eating fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy products keep your eyes healthy.

Quit Smoking: Smoking is disastrous to one’s health. It destroys lungs, causes mouth sores & leave your teeth and gums stained. Excessive smoking is injurious as it may lead to ocular dysfunctions where corneal infiltrates and smoking related dryness deter the coordination of different parts in human eye. Contact lens wearers are once again at greater risks of contagious infections. The transmission of infectious ocular diseases can be prevented by immediate tossing of contact lenses that are suspected to be accumulated with germs.

Schedule an Eye Exam: Eye exams are mandatory. Though online information helps a great deal in prevention of diseases; the diagnosis can only be made by professional eye doctor. Only an eye care professional analyze the symptoms, make a diagnosis & proceed further with the treatment. Sometimes infections go unnoticed until they become cure-less. Timely & routine contact lens follow ups help in early diagnosis for a healthy lifestyle.

Wear Preventive Ocular Wear: Ultra violet rays are as damaging to your eye sight as they are to your skin. You intercept sun rays by slathering sun block; but how to prevent eyes from the damaging sun rays? Wear protective ocular wear such as UV contact lenses & UV sunglasses. Reflection is intense at snow and sea waves; avoid glaring on to such objects.

Always practice hygiene. Handle your contact lenses the prescribed way to lead a healthy & happy life. 

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