Friday, 16 October 2015

Is it True that Halloween Contact Lenses make you Blind?

Every year as the Halloween approaches; social media begin flooding with horrific stories of permanent blindness caused by crazy Halloween contacts. Yet; hordes of people gather, sport costume contact lenses, freak others out & make an eye-appalling transformation without any trip-overs. It is true that crazy contacts can be scary but only if purchased from non-authorized sellers. Over the counter zombie lenses; purchased from gas stations, beauty salons & flea-markets pose serious risks of infections. Luckily there are better alternates- always make your purchase from reputable sellers that ensure you get certified & genuine novelty contacts.

As per a recent study conducted in Japan; where costume contacts are a rising trend and a hefty business, it was discovered that some of them contain chlorine & iron that may be damaging and threatening to eyes. Fake contact lenses use hazardous dyes that may leak into your eyes whereas the pattern leaves the surface uneven that cause corneal bruises. On the other hand, crazy contacts purchased from reliable vendors are manufactured under strict health standards using only FDA approved methods and pigments. Crazy lenses are fairly common in the market but uncommon in prescription. Therefore people with severe vision impairment should observe caution whilst wearing them for longer duration.

As long as you are taking care of your eyes & investing only in branded circle lenses; you are covered. Crazy lenses are nothing unusual than regular contacts. The only discrimination is the pattern that is made so to send down the chills. Some lenses due to the opacity & heavy pattern may obstruct vision partially but they do not hurt your vision. Experts however warn trying hands on sclera contacts if you are not already accustomed with wearing 17+mm circle lenses. 

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