Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Korean Makeup: Solone Eye Shadow Makeup Box

Korean women are known and envied for having an impeccable skin texture. The dewy finish & the fine pores have become a signature identity of Korean skin. Asian women barely use makeup but would rather invest in regular skin care regimens. The smooth, supple & porcelain skin texture provides a flawless canvas for subtle makeup. Unlike western makeup trends; Korean trends are affectionate about drawing attention towards lips & peepers. Korean makeup enhances one’s natural features by strictly respecting the natural patterns of beauty. Following the same standards; Solone- a brand from Taiwan takes pride in its hot-selling eye shadow makeup box that feature nude shimmers. This eye shadow box add an enticing touch and help making your eyes look bigger & beautiful.

Solone Flight of Fancy Eye makeup box is a customizable palette. You are allowed to enjoy the liberty of picking your own favorite shimmer bricks. The earthy shimmers compliment both day & night makeup looks since the pigmentation is great. The ethereal eye shades help creating an illusion of broader eye lids that leaves your eyes appear remarkably enlarged.

Considering Korean makeup philosophy; the brand has kept all the hues very wearable. The shimmers are subtle and not flashy. They also adhere to the eyelids without being chalky or messy so you don’t need to fear the fall-out chunks.

Tight line your eyes using a black eye liner either gel, liquid or pencil. This ensures doe-eye look without being dramatic. Solone Eye Shadow makeup box is perfect for ulzaang, kawaii & other Korean makeup looks where you would want to draw attention towards eyes that are innocent, fresh, sparkling & youthful. 

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