Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween: 3 Bad Combinations with Contact Lenses


A lot have already been written about contact lenses being safe (FDA approved). Unless fake & counterfeit contact lens production is strictly monitored; availability of contact lenses for consumers will always remain a subject of conflict. As per medical authorities branded FDA approved circle contacts pose minimum threats because they have already been tested prior to pushing them into the market. However, one must not forget that contact lenses even with all the health certifications need proper regulation. Wearers must observe caution as contact lenses are medical devices and other decorative/medical accessories might contraindicate when used along with them. Halloween is apparently fun but it holds hidden dangers that you should stay vigilant of, specifically if you plan to wear crazy contact lenses with your costume.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks contain a luminescent liquid that help them glow in the dark. The stick if gets broken may spill out the content, causing temporary inflammation. According to Donna Taylor, certified specialist in poison information at the Tennessee Poison Center, the content is more of an irritant than actually toxic. If accidentally licked or swollen, trying a Popsicle or fuzzy drink will help improving the sour throat.  Care should be taken that the stick’s incandescent liquid does not contaminate contact lenses.  The content may develop corneal rash or stinging sensation. Immediately remove contact lenses and wash your eyes with cold water splashes. Contact poison control center if irritation, swelling or discharge persists.

Alcoholic Drinks
We all know that alcohol in excessive quantity is harmful. Alcoholic drinks are drying for the body and may cause dehydration. Therefore, avoid consuming too much of the alcohol whilst you party out like a ghoul with decorative contact lenses still in the eyes.

Face Paints

Before painting your face read the labels carefully. Some paints contain lead and other metals that are harmful and poisonous. These paints leave skin rash against which your body may react severely. Always do a patch test. Take care that face paints do not flake upon drying. The gunky particles of the face paint and craft glitters may sting your eyes bad. They leave scratches on contact lenses, which as it sounds is greatly gross. Only use FDA approved cosmetics, contact lenses & SFX paints to stay edgy.

If you can be concerned about the candy being safe for consumption that you won in trick-o-treat, then how can you lag insanely on these Halloween preparations? Spread awareness & stay alert before you make someone faint in your horror house this Halloween. Health comes first then come fun!

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