Tuesday, 6 October 2015

DIY Wig Cap using a Nylon Stocking

Cool mesh wig cap

Wig caps keep your hair flat & secure. Though wearing a wig cap is a personal choice, it has been observed that a wig cap tucks complimentary and irregular hair pieces such as bangs and flicks underneath securely. It also provides a firm base for your wig to prevent lumps of hair. Though wig caps are easily available in the marts, some head sizes are too small to be accommodated by average sized wig caps. To get yourself a customized wig cap; make your own using nylon stockings.

DIY Wig Cap:

  1. Get a nylon stocking. Stretch it by putting hands inside both the ends. Stretch it fully.
  2. Wear it over your head, carefully covering your front hair line till nape. Wear it from front to back words.
  3. Now leaving 2 inch of the stocking; make a loop using your hands. Tie a knot to cut the remaining of the stocking.
  4. Your own wig cap is ready to be used. Before wearing the wig cap, don’t forget to secure all of your hair in a bun using bobby pins.
  5. Wig caps made of nylon stockings fit tighter on your scalp than the standard ones. They however provide a nice stretch. Mesh net wig caps on the other hand are more breathable. If you have thick hair and you would like a decent air flow; use cool mesh nylon wig caps instead.


Cool mesh is a sports fabric which employs unique moisture management system. Its multi-filament draws moisture away from the skin to the outer surface where it gets evaporated quickly. 

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