Saturday, 31 October 2015

Halloween Special: Best Trypophobia Makeup Tutorial with Wax & Krul Tepes Wig

Trypophobia is the fear of clustered holes like that in a flower of lotus. Trypophobia triggers 16% of the people as the cluster of holes can be found in sponges, soap bubbles etc. The cluster of holes when found on human body ensures a creepy, crawling sensation that is frightening to death. Trypophobe acne is a rare disorder of human skin that fears holes in the skin. It is one of the worst type of skin cysts/ acne that is disgusting yet intimidating. Trypophobe makeup is an special art that special effects makeup experts now conceive as per their own perception and execute on models for Halloween. 

Follow the Trypophobe makeup tutorial below. The wig used is Krul Tepes cosplay wig. "It's a long pink wig with two smaller attachable ponytails, which means that you can choose to wear them or not. I always love to have options, because if I had plans of cosplaying another pink haired character, I could wear the same wig and save some money. ^"-- Product review

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