Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Halloween: 5 Perfect Sclera Lenses that Raise Goosebumps

Pick up your daggers, wear a costume, mask your faces & raid the haunted places carrying carved jack-o-lanterns. At Hallows eve all the ghouls, vampires & zombies strive for a goose bumping disguise. From fake blood to fangs, costume wigs & weapons; everything carries unique importance but Crazy sclera raise hell out of fire. Sclera lenses cover the entire cornea; giving your eyes a grotesque appearance i.e. rotten, glow in the dark or eyes dripping blood. Since sclera lenses make use of opaque pigments they are considered a tremendous Halloween necessity.

Sclera lenses and mini sclera lenses with 22mm and 17mm diameters tend to make an unforgettable impersonation. The mind-blowing hues, wicked patterns & unusual diameter ensure spell-binding apparitions. These monstrous eyes help petrifying the victim for further cannibalism; a werewolf may ever wish for. Sclera lenses though require previous grip & experience; these certainly get you huge fellowship. If you are new to crazy patterns; begin your exciting journey with mini sclera lenses.

1. Phantasee Mini Sclera Nebulous Lenses

Nebulous mini sclera boast intensified theatrical effects. The eye twitching bright contrast of blue & black is fiercely vivid. Wear them at night to have nearly glowing eyes. These mini-scleras will paralyze every living coming into your way.

2. SeeShell White Forest Bee Sclera Lenses

These aggressive 22mm sclera lenses seem to leave their venom by stinging the subject. The outrageously bold pigments spread terror. White Forest Bee sclera lenses suggest a deadly massacre. Wear them at haunted house tricks to raise the goose-bumps of little dare-devils.

3. Phantasee Red Black Sunpyre Sclera Lenses

These red sclera lenses will give you a creepy feeling. The entire red cornea with a super glossy finish truly depicts that you are up to no good. Phantasee Sunpyre sclera lenses are perfect for Tokyo Ghoul costumes. Leave no life; devour the humanity by wearing your red sclera lenses.

4. Phantasee Shadow Cat Sclera Lenses

Be a thunder cat sporting one of the epic sclera lenses. Shadow cat scleras depict wild beasty eyes featuring a network of violent veins. The vertical pupil further tends to draw out any humanity left in your eyes. Be a ghoul-a perfect ghoul & add the convincing effects by wearing Shadow cat sclera lenses

5. Phantasee Yellow UV Sclera Amazo Lenses

Be an alien this Halloween. UV Yellow sclera lenses glow in the dark. They are impeccable lenses for science-fiction transformations & wild bewilderment. They are plain yellow lenses to reflect ruthlessly life-less eyes that are fanatically hunting for prey.

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